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Counsellor and Enneagram Teacher

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Enneagram Workshops in St Albans/Hertfordshire

Working with the Enneagram can take place through individual sessions to determine your personality type and or by attending a workshop.

In my teaching workshops I use the Narrative Tradition which is based on listening to other people telling their stories and experiences as well using lectures and group discussion which allow for the real life experience of seeing other types in action. All the workshops are conducted with sensitivity and compassion and encourage self-observation.

Learning through observing and listening has proven to be very effective, allowing noticeable personal growth development. The approach encourages individuals to learn through their own experience rather than simply listening to theory and the improved understanding of themselves helps them shake off limiting patterns and enhances the inbuilt strengths.

“Anyone who works with Jill will benefit from her conscientious, caring approach both as an Enneagram teacher and as a counsellor. I have been most impressed by her skills and abilities and have no hesitation in recommending her.” — Rosemary Cowan, Enneagram teacher, psychotherapist and counsellor and Founder of The London Enneagram Centre.

Workshop Outline

Workshops range from the basic introduction to the Enneagram, through to looking at more advanced studies and into areas we would like to grow in and can be delivered alone or linked together to enhance understanding and personal growth. They take place over evenings or at weekends.

Enneagram 1 Basic Introduction

Learning your Enneagram type launches you on an incredible journey of discovery. You will develop insight as to the ways we habitually think, feel and behave and come to understand our motivations, strengths and challenges. You will come away with a good idea of your type.

Enneagram 2 Introduction to Subtypes

People of the same type can appear so different from each other. By looking at our subtypes we can discover that in relationships, subtypes are as important as understanding the nine types. We can see how they affect our close relationships and we can bring more balance and harmony into our lives. You need to have a basic understanding of the Enneagram to do this workshop. If you are unsure of your type than this workshop may help.

Enneagram 3 Expanding our understanding of Type

We can explore our automatic patterns of behaviour that get in the way of our relationships and look at the way we deal with difficult situations. This can help us see what prevents us from getting the best out of our relationships and also gives ways in which we can grow and change. You need to have a basic understanding of your type to do this.

Enneagram 4 Looking at our gifts

Considers our natural gifts and talents and the journey to increase them in our lives. You need to have a basic understanding of your type to do this workshop.


The panel provides a forum where the Enneagram is brought to life by panel members, usually of the same type, who share personal experiences and insights into their type. Here we can experience how external behaviours are shaped by our internal motivations and that individuals sharing a personality type each have their unique self but share a similar focus of attention.

“Jill is a leading Narrative Tradition teacher in the UK. She has the depth of knowledge, the enthusiasm and the emotional intelligence which are the necessary elements for being a great Enneagram teacher. I highly recommend her work.” — Peter O’Hanrahan, training associate for the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program — Enneagramworldwide.com

Introduction to the Enneagram workshop. See events page for further information.

Workshops can be tailor made for each group and I work with teams in business, charities and faith groups. I will travel to work with your group.

Contact me for further information on current workshop availability or look at the Events page.

Monthly study group

I also facilitate a monthly study group in Hertfordshire/St Albans for those interested in deepening their understanding of the Enneagram and applying it to their daily lives. This is a closed group, however spaces do become available. Please register your interest.

“You are running a really good group, and people clearly feel able to explore and change…” — Participant.

Making Contact

Please contact me directly if you have questions that are not answered here or would like further information. You can call (07540880873) or email me. I’m pleased to discuss how I can be of help. More information about practicalities including venues and fees is on my Information page.